What is the connection between oral health and overall well-being?

Do you ever put off visiting the dentist because you doubt the significance of maintaining your dental health? The tight relationship between dental health and general wellness may surprise you.

It is well known that avoiding toothaches, cavities, poor breath, and other dental problems requires regular dental visits and good oral hygiene. But neglecting your oral health can also have an impact on the rest of your body, putting you at risk for issues like heart disease.

It’s critical to comprehend how dental health and general wellness are related to one another and influence one another. You should floss and brush your teeth every day, keep a healthy diet, and schedule routine appointments with your local Powell, TN dental services if you want to prevent chronic diseases brought on by poor oral hygiene.

What impact does oral health have on general health?

When bacteria from the mouth enter the bloodstream, dental health and wellness can affect a person’s general health and wellness.

Typically, your body’s built-in defenses can stop bacteria from getting into some systems. But if you don’t maintain good oral hygiene, bacteria that accumulate in your mouth could go into your circulation and spread throughout your body.

Additionally, gum disease and tooth decay can be brought on by oral bacteria. According to research, cardiovascular disease and bacterial pneumonia are both related to gum disease. Therefore, maintaining good dental health can help keep bacteria out of your body and possibly shield you from serious health issues.

Both your oral and general health is affected by receiving dental care.

Which illnesses have a connection to dental health?

Poor dental wellness and health-related issues include, among others:

  • Diabetes: Inflammation can be brought on by oral bacteria. Heart disease, strokes, and clogged arteries are all risks that may be raised by this.
  • Endocarditis: If your oral hygiene isn’t up to standard, germs from your mouth could enter your bloodstream and cling to various heart tissues, resulting in endocarditis. The interior valves of your heart become infected as a result.
  • Premature birth is one of the birth issues that can be brought on by periodontitis in a pregnant woman. The demand for insulin is also decreased by periodontal disease if it is managed.
  • Leukemia and mouth cancer have been linked to poor dental hygiene, according to research.
  • Pneumonia: Bacteria can enter your heart just like they can enter your lungs, resulting in pneumonia and other respiratory illnesses.


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