CBD and Delta8 THC gummies: What is the difference?

CBD gummies do not generate intoxicating effects; however, Delta 8 gummies do. Because CBD binds to CB1 receptors in an un-psychoactive way, it does not produce any psychoactive effects. As stated previously, CBD can counteract the euphoric effects that Delta 8 THC has. Delta 8 interacts well with both of these receptors. Delta 8 will […]

Hemp & CBD Industry Terms & Definitions

The Basic Guide for Business Owners: Definitions and Terms in the CBD and Hemp Industry Nomenclature is a term that describes the terms and definitions used in every industry to describe manufacturing, products, and services. We have compiled a list of definitions and terms that might be helpful to you in developing your CBD business. […]

What impact does alcohol have on folate absorption?

Theoretical The goals and destinations of these tests, guided over the past 30 years, are a) how frequent alcohol consumption promotes folate deficiency and b) how folate deficiency contributes to the pathogenic production of alcoholic liver disease (ALD). The digestive assimilation of folic acid in hard-core drinkers was reduced, and, temporarily, alcohol care was taken […]

HIIT Explained

What Is HIIT Training? High-intensity interval training is the larger brother to aerobic cardio. Instead of running 30 minutes on a treadmill, you’ll be an alternate between intense effort and recovery. This “up and down” cardio style can help you burn more calories. But this is only one benefit of HIIT. You can arrange it […]