How Soon Can You Recover After a Root Canal?

A root canal is one of the most well-known dental treatments, and it is something that almost everyone has heard of. However, if your dentist has prescribed a root canal, you may still have questions and concerns – that is completely understandable.  The root canal procedure can save a tooth that has been injured or […]

How can Aerobics Help You with Your Health?

Aerobic exercise is nothing but a fancier name for cardio or cardiovascular exercises. Some common aerobic exercises include running, jogging, walking, cycling and swimming. These kinds of exercises are responsible for a better heart rate and blood circulation since it gets the adrenaline rushing. Moreover, it targets large muscle groups and trains them to be […]

Helpful Hints for Maintaining a Spotless Toothbrush

What percentage of plaque is removed by your toothbrush? If you follow your dentist’s instructions and clean and floss your teeth twice daily, a dirty toothbrush can still hinder your efforts to prevent the spread of bacteria. To be unclean, your toothbrush need not appear to be so. There might be over a million tiny […]

Preventing Dry Socket After Extracting a Tooth

Preventing dry socket following tooth extraction is important. Dry socket, which can develop in the days following a tooth extraction, is a painful disease. Although it can be cured with medical intervention, avoiding the issue altogether is preferable. Blood clots formed over the tooth socket after extraction typically preserve the underlying bone and nerves. The […]

Top Tips on How to Warm Up to Avoid Injuries

A proper warm-up is required to get your body ready for activities. The consequences of not warming up before exercise may include post-exercise pain and potential injury. So here are our top tips on how to warm up properly before exercising to avoid injuries to obtain the most incredible start to your workout to maximise […]

Bokken Techniques – What Makes it Different from the Standard Aikido

Aikido is arguably the gentlest Japanese martial art, where practitioners learn to manipulate and redirect their opponent’s attacks and momentum, sometimes turning an attack against the same. So why would such a discipline include weapons training, and is it any different from the seemingly standard empty-handed practice?  Before you disregard learning aikido bokken techniques as […]