What Can A Pediatric Dentist Do? 

Pediatric dentists are committed to the oral wellness of children from infancy to adolescence. They have the expertise and credentials to care for a child’s teeth, gums, and mouth at all phases of development. Talk to a family dentist in Denver today to learn more.  Children start to develop their baby teeth throughout the first […]

The Untold Dangers of Tooth Decay 

Undoubtedly, oral health is just as vital as general health and well-being. To put it another way, your oral health reflects the state of your whole health. Teeth decay, also known as dental caries, is one of the world’s most common health problems, affecting children, teenagers, and older adults. If you suspect you have tooth […]

Should You Brush Your Teeth Before or After Breakfast? 

The American Dental Association has long advised brushing your teeth twice daily for 2 minutes at a time. However, these instructions do not specify when you should wash your teeth. Most people brush their teeth simultaneously every day to maintain a regular brushing habit. Cleaning your teeth every morning and again before bedtime is normal […]

Helpful Hints for Maintaining a Spotless Toothbrush

What percentage of plaque is removed by your toothbrush? If you follow your dentist’s instructions and clean and floss your teeth twice daily, a dirty toothbrush can still hinder your efforts to prevent the spread of bacteria. To be unclean, your toothbrush need not appear to be so. There might be over a million tiny […]

Why Do Some People Have Spots in Their Teeth from Fluoride?

Fluoride is a crucial mineral for both children and adults, as it can stop cavities from forming and even reverse the first stages of tooth decay. Enamel is strengthened, making teeth less susceptible to erosion from sweets and oral germs. However, dental fluorosis can develop when fluoride levels get too high. You should consult your […]

How to Distinguish the Best Dentist from the Rest?

All the practicing dentists that you see in the medical industry have passed from a reputed institution. Some may pass with the same credentials too. But are all the dentists out there the same? Or are there some who are better than others?  A few qualities in a dentist make them different from the normal […]