Gum disease 101: All about gingivitis and periodontitis

Your gums are responsible for your overall oral health. Unfortunately, people often end up ignoring the early signs of gum disease, only to deal with serious consequences later. If you have symptoms like gum bleeding or pain, consider visiting a Dedham, MA dental practice at the earliest. In this post, we are discussing critical aspects of gingivitis […]

Some Useful Tips for Anti Aging

It is natural for your skin to change over time, and so, as you age, it is normal to see a few wrinkles on your skin. Unfortunately, you start missing the youthful skin you once had, and to your good news, with many advancements in the skincare industry, you can opt for various anti-aging treatments […]

What are the Major Benefits of Gum Grafting?

Gum grafting is a procedure that removes or repairs tissue in the mouth. This procedure can be used to treat dental conditions such as gum recession, where the mouth becomes more prone to infections, tooth sensitivity, and loss of gum tissue. Gum grafts are made by extracting a small amount of gum tissue from healthy […]

Does Snacking Damage Your Teeth?

A snack does not come without consequences, yet it is possible for childhood snacking habits to persist into adulthood. Continue reading to learn how snacking affects dental health, how to stop craving them, and how to choose healthy options when you indulge and consult a dentist in Maryville, TN. The effect of snacking on my […]

Recovery from Orthognathic Surgery: What Patients Should Expect

Orthognathic surgery repositions the jaw and makes use of orthodontics to straighten teeth. Many inquiries about the healing process related to this treatment are frequently made. Make sure to get dental care for your family in Burlington, ON. Let us review some of the fundamentals right away. Avoiding certain activities after orthognathic surgery. Individuals should […]

Four Effective Tips for Teeth Lightening

Nowadays, everyone’s teeth goals include a shiny and white smile. A sparkly smile goes a long way in charming people and increasing confidence. However, factors like diet, age, and dental hygiene can lead to the staining of teeth which makes them appear yellow and dirty. Visit a Salina family dentist for more information.  Here are […]

Top Interesting Facts You Must Know About Teeth

Most people often neglect dental health. Common dental problems like cavities or sensitivity are avoided until the severity of the issue rises to its extent. However, it will be in your best interest to contact a dentist in Los Gatos and seek proper treatment of your teeth.  Besides, there are several facts about our teeth […]