Top Interesting Facts You Must Know About Teeth

Most people often neglect dental health. Common dental problems like cavities or sensitivity are avoided until the severity of the issue rises to its extent. However, it will be in your best interest to contact a dentist in Los Gatos and seek proper treatment of your teeth. 

Besides, there are several facts about our teeth that most people do not know about. These facts can entirely change how one treats and takes care of their dental health. For instance, over 300 different species of bacteria are found in plaque. As a result, the bacteria can affect overall dental health and create room for crossbite or overbite. 

Interesting facts about teeth that you didn’t know before:

  • Hardest substance 

Most people believe that the hardest substance in the human body is bones. However, the hardest substance in the human body is tooth enamel. Our teeth have three layers. The layers are enamel, dentine, and nerves. 

The outer layer of enamel is made of minerals, which is more complex than any bone or part of the human body. Although, you should know that the enamel can be damaged by glass or metal. 

  • Brushing 

Research and studies have found that an average person spends merely 50 seconds per day brushing their teeth. It might feel as if you are brushing your teeth for an hour. 

However, a person spends only about 50 seconds brushing their teeth. One should follow a different cycle and brush teeth for at least two minutes daily to achieve a clean and healthy mouth. 

  • Airborne particles 

Most people keep their toothbrushes in the restroom or the toilet in an open atmosphere. However, one must always keep their toothbrushes in a closed drawer or cupboard at least six feet away from the bathroom. 

The airborne particles from washroom flushing can easily create their path to the toothbrush bristles. As a result, one should keep their toothbrush away and replace it every three months. 

  • Toothbrush caps 

Placing a cap on the toothbrush will protect it from bacteria. However, placing a cap on the toothbrush can cause bacteria to accumulate and decay within the closed environment of the toothbrush cap leading to more dental problems. 

As a result, you must avoid placing a cap on your toothbrush. You should also wash the toothbrush bristles with mouthwash. It will ensure to get rid of any harmful bacteria that would otherwise hamper your dental health. If you still face any dental problems, you must contact a dentist in Los Gatos to ensure optimal dental care.  


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