Four Effective Tips for Teeth Lightening

Nowadays, everyone’s teeth goals include a shiny and white smile. A sparkly smile goes a long way in charming people and increasing confidence. However, factors like diet, age, and dental hygiene can lead to the staining of teeth which makes them appear yellow and dirty. Visit a Salina family dentist for more information. 

Here are some proactive measures which help in protecting the appearance of your teeth and improving their whiteness. Make sure to practice them for the desired results.

  • Avoiding staining food from your diet.

If you want to preserve the whiteness of your teeth, you must avoid staining foods or restrict their intake. Make sure to cut back on beverages like coffee, tea, and wines. The tanning agents present in these drinks are known for staining and discoloring teeth. Along with that, make sure to stay away from acidic food items. Lemon and tomato are one of the healthiest items for your body. However, the acid present in them is responsible for the erosion of enamel which exposes the teeth’s dentin. Along with that, make sure to stay away from sweet foods and beverages as well. Sugary items tend to attract bacterial growth in the teeth, leading to the case. The decay is responsible for the discoloration of teeth. The staining can be prevented to a certain level if you decrease the intake of food items with high pigmentation levels.

  • Use straws

If you struggle to remove staining beverages from your intake, make sure to use straws while drinking them. The straw acts as a barrier between your teeth and the beverage so that They are not fully exposed to the discoloration chemicals present in the drink. Also, make sure to add brushing and rinsing your date daily every time you consume food items with staining abilities.  

  • Practicing dental hygiene

Brushing and flossing regularly is essential to take care of your teeth in the long run. They have been maintaining the external health of your teeth by preventing the buildup of Bacteria. Regular cleaning helps in the prevention of decay and cavities. Make sure to visit your dental health provider regularly for a full check-up and professional cleaning. It helps in the timely detection of any dental issues, and they also provide personalized advice regarding the persisting dental conditions in your case.

  • Quitting tobacco

If you want pearly white teeth, greeting the vacuum products is essential. They make your teeth brown. Along with that, the nicotine in the tobacco atoms gets inside the holes of your enamel and leaves a yellowish stain that is hard to get rid of.


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