Why Is Dry Mouth A Dangerous Thing?

Dry mouth is a common thing for everyone at some point in time- before a job interview, the morning after a night out in Weston, a long run, or when filled with cold. However, the issue can become serious when it is a permanent condition; hence, it becomes essential to see a doctor. 

The medical term for this symptom is xerostomia, and if this problem is permanent, then it becomes a complicated thing to deal with on a regular basis. If you are also suffering from dry mouth, visit the dental clinic Weston, MA, for medical support.

What can cause dry mouth?

It is expected to have a dry mouth occasionally. In most cases, the leading cause of dry mouth is stress and an unhealthy lifestyle. Dryness of the mouth can also be caused by severe health issues or side effects of certain medications. The most common causes of dry mouths are:

  • Dehydration

Not drinking much water and staying hydrated can be a significant reason for mouth dryness. Your body needs to stay hydrated so that it can produce enough saliva. 

  • Mouth breathing 

When the nose is blocked because of a cold, the next insistent is to breathe via mouth instead of nose. However, stress and excitement can also cause the use of the mouth for breathing. The inhale and exhale process via mouth can dry out the complete mouth.

  • Stress or excitement

The first tendency to react to a particular situation is to breathe via the mouth, so you should relax and have a glass of water to avoid such situations of dry mouth. 

  • Smoking

It is proven that smoking can cause dehydration, which increases the risk of dry mouth. The use of nicotine particles that are present in the smoke can result in oral mucous membranes, which causes more dryness. 

  • Alcohol and caffeine

Consumption of alcohol and caffeine results in dehydration, which leads to severe dry mouths, decreasing body fluid.

  • Calcium-rich water

The water that we drink has to be different every time. Hence, if the mouth feels dry after the consumption of water, it may contain calcium in high quantities. 

What are the symptoms of dry mouth?

Symptoms that can usually indicate dry mouth are:

  • Trouble in swallowing food or fluid 
  • Sticky feeling in the mouth
  • Difficulty in speaking
  • Thirst and constant urge to drink water
  • Feeling dizziness
  • Dry eyes
  • Tingling or residue sensation on the tongue
  • Lips are constantly dry
  • Bad breath
  • Loss of taste
  • Cracks at the corner of the mouth and lips 
  • Dry and sore throat
  • Inflammation of the oral mucous 
  • Presence of small lesions 
  • Burning mouth syndrome 
  • Increased frequency of the cavity


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