Does Snacking Damage Your Teeth?

A snack does not come without consequences, yet it is possible for childhood snacking habits to persist into adulthood. Continue reading to learn how snacking affects dental health, how to stop craving them, and how to choose healthy options when you indulge and consult a dentist in Maryville, TN.

The effect of snacking on my teeth.

The bacteria in your mouth begin to degrade what you ate or drank as soon as you drink or eat something. This process, known as demineralization, which corrodes your enamel, results in the bacteria producing acids as a byproduct.

You get cavities if you expose your teeth to acid often. The best protection for your body around this is saliva, which halts demineralization and starts to fortify your enamel. When you overeat, your saliva cannot keep up with the constant acid supply in your mouth.

What can I do to stop snacking?

Your teeth will thank you for skipping a snack, but how would you fight the urge? What are you munching on? Maybe it is not hunger at all, but boredom or stress.

The next time you feel like a snack at work, go for a little exercise or do some stretches instead. Check to see whether getting your blood pumping eliminates the want to munch.

Maybe establish a policy not to munch in front of your computer or TV if you frequently snack at home. Have a drink of water and see if this curbs your desires because sometimes people munch when their bodies are truly thirsty rather than hungry. It is alright to snack occasionally but try to avoid things that are hazardous to your health.

Which snack should I have if I must snack?

First, pickles, chewy, sugary candies, and citrus fruits are the hardest foods on your teeth’s enamel. Additionally, problematic are sodas, carbonated beverages, and sweetened coffee beverages.

Nuts like walnuts and cashews, crunchy fruits like pears and apples, and raw veggies like cucumbers and carrots, or perhaps even seaweed snacks are some snacks that are not bad for your teeth.

It is better to choose a snack with few calories, lots of water and fiber, lots of protein, and little sugar. These foods will keep you satisfied longer and prevent a sugar crash.

Making wise snack selections will improve your nutrition and oral health and lower your chance of cavities. Picking healthy alternatives that you like is the key.


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