What are the Major Benefits of Gum Grafting?

Gum grafting is a procedure that removes or repairs tissue in the mouth. This procedure can be used to treat dental conditions such as gum recession, where the mouth becomes more prone to infections, tooth sensitivity, and loss of gum tissue. Gum grafts are made by extracting a small amount of gum tissue from healthy nearby gum while transplanting it to the site that needs repairing. The goal is to promote natural tissue healing, reduce or eliminate tooth sensitivity, and help prevent infection in periodontal pockets.

You can consult a Manhattan, NY dentist for gum grafting. Gum grafting can be an ideal way to restore your overall oral health. This treatment will help you have a cleaner, healthier mouth by providing you with proper tooth support and teeth restoration.

Let us now look into the major benefits of gum grafting.

  • Reduced sensitivity

The first benefit of gum grafting is that it reduces tooth sensitivity. As your gum tissue reestablishes its natural layer, it will act as a barrier between your teeth and gums. This will help prevent gum recession, possible infections, and tooth loss.

  • Promotes natural healing

One of the major benefits of gum grafting is that it helps promote natural healing. Once the gum is transplanted, it will start to seep anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients that promote faster healing. This treatment could also help to stop or prevent tooth loss.

  • Help prevent infection

The third major benefit of gum grafting is that it helps to prevent infection in the gums and teeth roots. As your gum graft starts to heal, there will be a significant amount of pressure applied to the root of your teeth.

  • Improved appearance

Another benefit of gum grafting is that it helps improve the overall appearance of your teeth. As your gum graft starts to heal, you will notice that it will thicken and take the form of a natural gum line. This helps boost your confidence and gives you a clean and natural smile.

  • Reduce gum recession

Gum grafting helps reduce gum recession or if there is already gum recession present, it can help stop it from getting worse. The doctor will remove the unhealthy tissue and replace it with new gum tissue. This will provide added security and protection to the teeth and lessen your chance of losing the teeth.

  • Improved gum health

One of the most important benefits of gum grafting is that it improves your overall gum health. It will help to improve the overall look of your teeth. This procedure also helps to repair cracked, receding, or gapped areas in the mouth.


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