How Soon Can You Recover After a Root Canal?

A root canal is one of the most well-known dental treatments, and it is something that almost everyone has heard of. However, if your dentist has prescribed a root canal, you may still have questions and concerns – that is completely understandable. 

The root canal procedure can save a tooth that has been injured or is decaying. You might be apprehensive about choosing this option due to its reputation for being overly painful. But actually, your dentist will ensure that you are not in any discomfort during the operation. However, the recovery period is another difficulty to deal with following the treatment. Schedule an appointment with General dentistry in Omaha to learn about root canal procedures. 

When is a root canal needed? 

Bacteria can enter the pulp of a tooth and cause an infection. When this happens, root canal surgery is required to save the tooth. The infected pulp is removed during this surgery, and the tooth is sealed to avoid reinfection. Any intense, persistent tooth pain may suggest that a root canal is required. 

What does a root canal involve? 

An endodontist will gently remove the damaged pulp during your root canal treatment. After emptying the interior chamber of the tooth, your dentist will carefully sterilize the cavity to remove any remaining substance. The tooth is then sealed with a unique substance to prevent infection, and, if necessary, a crown is created to cover the tooth to protect it from further harm. 

What should you expect after a root canal? 

While you should not have significant pain following a root canal, you may feel sensitivity in the affected area during the first few days. These are typical symptoms that can be easily handled with over-the-counter or prescription pain medicines. Side effects usually subside within one to two weeks. 

How long does root canal recovery take? 

Root canal recovery usually takes less than a week. Mild soreness may last a few days, but it is treatable with medication. You should immediately call your healthcare practitioner if you have significant discomfort or pain that lasts more than a week. 

How long do the results of a root canal last? 

Results are not guaranteed, which is the case with any dental treatment. When root canal surgery is done correctly, the effects might last a long time, maybe even the remainder of your life. 

Schedule your appointment today. 

You may need root canal treatment if you have been experiencing severe throbbing pain in your teeth. Do not waste any time. Visit your dentist today and get a checkup. 


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