Hemp & CBD Industry Terms & Definitions

The Basic Guide for Business Owners: Definitions and Terms in the CBD and Hemp Industry

Nomenclature is a term that describes the terms and definitions used in every industry to describe manufacturing, products, and services. We have compiled a list of definitions and terms that might be helpful to you in developing your CBD business. Let’s begin at the beginning: The seed.

Industrial Seeds

Hemp, also known as industrial hemp, is a type of the Cannabis Sativa species. Hemp is grown for various derived products such as biomass, oils and fibers for weaving products.

Non-Feminized CBD Seeds

Naturally pollinated hemp plants and those that use traditional breeding methods usually produce a fairly even split between males and female seeds. These seeds are also known as non-feminized or regular.

CBD Seeds (Feminized).

The feminized CBD seeds can be genetically modified to remove the X chromosome or by natural non-genetic methods to produce nearly all female plants. Non-genetic methods include spraying female plants using a silver thiosulphate or colloidal silver solution.


Clones are reproductions of an original “mother plant”. They can be made by cutting a stem or tissue culture, and then putting it in media to grow. After the clone has grown, it can be transplanted to a field or cultivation facility.

Biomass and Dried Flower

Biomass refers to the dried hemp plant materials, which include stalks and leaves, flower/buds, seeds, and/or seeds, that have been harvested. The dried flower and bud from the hemp plant’s stalk has been taken out. It is usually made up of a small amount of stems, so it can be used for either smoking or making pre-rolled joints.

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