What Are the Benefits of Gum Contouring?

With the help of gum contouring, your teeth can be subtly remodeled along the gum line. 

The surgery process is minimally invasive and aims to remove the gum tissues covering too much of your teeth. The excessive gum tissues are cut and removed. The patients can choose to get dental anesthesia before the operation. It helps a lot in the surgery process. Schedule an appointment with a cosmetic dentist in Shelby Township to clear your doubts regarding gum contouring.

The removal of excess tissues through gum contouring helps in improving the aesthetics of the teeth as well as the patient’s confidence. It gives a new look to your smile and makes your appearance more attractive. It also helps in preventing gingivitis as the settlement of oral bacteria takes place behind the gum tissues. It is harder to reach that part through a toothbrush or floss. The removal helps lower the risk of bacterial accumulation and ultimately reduces the risk of severe gum diseases.

Benefits of gum contouring 

If you are unsure if gum contouring is proper for you, check out these benefits.

  • It helps in the removal of unnecessary gum tissue.

The surgical treatment helps eliminate gaps between the gum and teeth. The unhealthy tissues are given a new shape, and the unnecessary ones are removed. This process helps in smoothing the roots and improving the shape of your gum by removing excessive gum tissues. 

  • Smile enhancement

If you are conscious about your smile looking too “gummy” or excessive display of gums while smiling or speaking, the process of gum contouring is perfect for you. Gum contouring provides symmetry to your smile by removing the extra tissues in the gum area and making your smile look appealing. It will help you gain confidence and allow you to express yourself better.

  • Prevention of decay

Gum contouring helps to prevent tooth decay and allows you to have a healthy set of teeth. The procedure maintains aesthetics as well as health.

  • Speedy recovery

Unlike other dental procedures, gum contouring requires only one visit to your dental health provider. The recovery process is not excessively long, and the procedure involves very little to no amount of pain. Follow your doctor’s instructions and gently brush your teeth to maintain a fast recovery process. Along with brushing, floss regularly and avoid hard foods in your diet.

  • It provides a long-term solution.

Other dental treatments are not permanent. Gum contouring must be performed only once, and the surgery is permanent. In the procedure, the gum tissues do not recover after the removal.


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