Reduce Your Dental Fear with These Tips!

Visiting your dentist at least once in six months is essential to ensure your dental health is in good condition. Even then, many people do not make routine dental visits due to one common problem: dental anxiety. Dental anxiety, which is unease about dental appointments, can prevent you from having good oral health. This is why it is important to eliminate it. 

If you struggle with dental anxiety, you are not alone. About 20 million people in the US struggle with the same, which leads them to make excuses for not going to the dentist. The good news is that the problem is fixable with a few tips. Schedule your appointment with a Buffalo Grove dental practice today. 

How to get rid of dental anxiety 

  • Take someone you trust to the dentist. 

If you have dental anxiety, going to the dentist alone can escalate your fear. Having someone by your side whom you love and trust can ease anxious feelings and make you feel secure. Have your best friend or a close family member go with you. They may be able to calm you down when needed with encouraging words and actions. 

  • Speak up about your problem. 

Dental anxiety is nothing to be embarrassed about. Millions of people struggle with the same thing, and speaking up about it can solve half of your problems. When you meet with a dentist in Buffalo Grove, tell them about your fear. You could also narrate your past bad experiences or other reasons for your fear. Do not be afraid to ask questions. 

Your dentist will understand your problem and suggest solutions. For example, you could agree on a safe sign. This could be as simple as raising your hand during the treatment to take a break. 

  • Practice breathing exercises. 

Breathing exercises are proven ways to reduce stress and calm worried minds. Deep breathing exercises reduce stress in any situation. Close your eyes and slowly breathe in. Hold your breath for ten seconds and breathe out slowly through your mouth. Repeat this as often as possible or until you have calmed down. 

  • Find distractions. 

The image of the various dental tools and their sound can make nervous patients feel more scared. When sitting in the waiting room at the dentist’s, look for distractions instead of paying attention to the machines and tools. Watch a TV if one is there, read a magazine and listen to your favorite songs with headphones. 


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