Different Ways To Get Rid Of Under Eye Bags And Treating Them By Experienced Doctors

The secret to reducing age is to prevent and reduce under-eye bags. The bags under the eyes are mild swelling or puffiness under your eyes. they are quite common because as you age, the skin and tissues under the eyes weaken including some of the muscles also that support the eyelids.

Remedies of removing eye bags

There are certain home remedies for removing eye bags but are only temporary solutions. If you want some permanent solution then opt for medical treatment to eliminate this problem.

The best part is there are certain non-invasive and non-surgical methods to 去眼袋 that are offered in the best aesthetic medical centres. Retens Medical in TsimShaTsui is one such medical aesthetic treatment centre that provides efficient and safe services with advanced technology equipment offering a full range of body and skincare treatments.

Covering an area of more than 6,000 square feet, Retens offers a comfortable and spacious medical aesthetic centre with

  • genuine and reliable products
  • team of professional medical cosmetologists
  • reasonable and clear service charges
  • professional experience of over 10 years.

Causes of eye bags

There are many reasons for people to get puffy eyes.

  • Diet with high salt content causes to retain water and leads to swelling
  • Allergies due to inflammation and congestion can lead to eye puffiness
  • Some medical conditions like dermatitis, renal disease, dermatomyositis, and thyroid can make the eyes swollen
  • It can be genetic too
  • Lack of sleep
  • Smoking and excessive alcohol can lead to eye bags
  • Due to aging, the under-eye tissues and skin lose firmness leading to sagging eyes.

Home remedies for treating puffy eyes

There are some quick fixes for puffy and 下垂眼. They work to reduce swelling till it subsides naturally during the day.

  • Applying cold compress: placing ice packs,and chilled cucumbers over closed eyes cools the areas and lessen the swelling by reducing the blood flow.
  • Reduce salt and water intake before going to bed
  • Take regular breaks from electronic gadgets
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes frequently
  • Take enough rest and good sleep
  • Use genuine and authentic under eye products like creams and serums
  • Massage it properly with the ring finger to promote under-eye blood circulation and remove eye bags.

Medical non-surgical options

Retens Medical offers two non-surgical options for treating under 眼紋 and under-eye bags.

1)Rose V Line: This is a safe, most effective, and painless treatment that involves the Multiple Duration Technology to release high-density ultra-rays for smoothening fine lines and wrinkles and treats eye bags.

  • It effectively removes fat and puffy eyes
  • Improves upper eyelid sagging and droopy eyes

2) Thermage FLX: This treatment lasts for over a year that reactivates the collagen tissues. Thermage Eye Treatment can remove under-eye bags, droopy eyes, and fine lines around the eyes.

The area around the eyes is very delicate that needs special care and attention. The market has many fake products and treatments that can damage the nerves and tissues around the eye area. Therefore, it is important to find a highly experienced clinic and doctor for treatment of the eyelid area.


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