What are the most common causes of back pain? Get the relevant answers here!

A pain that can cripple you down to your spine in a literal sense is back pain. Imagining the existence of back pain itself makes you uncomfortable. One of the worst varieties of pain out there in the world is back pain. There may reside several reasons that can pile up to formulate the most bone-wrenching pain possible. Coexisting with back pain might just be the toughest task that you may acquire. Pain management in the case of back pain stands out to be a bit more complicated than every other pain that can be countered using the same. Upon the detection of back pain, take precautions, do not delay, and consult a doctor. In this article, you will come across a few causes suggested by metro spine pc that might be the reason for your back pain.

What are the causes?

  1. The gym freaks out there must be aware of the immense stress that your back has to go through during heavy lifting. The same, along with some sudden awkward movement, can cause your back muscles to strain, giving you back pain.
  2. There are discs in our back that act as a cushion in between our bones. There may arise a situation where the disk has bulged or has ruptured, putting pressure on a nerve. 
  3. To this date, arthritis stands out as one of the most prominent reasons for back pain across the globe. One such condition caused due to arthritis is spinal stenosis. This leads to the narrowing of space around the spinal cord itself. This may give rise to back pain.
  4. Sustaining an injury in recent times, even an injury that took place quite a while back but due to lack of proper treatment, may lead to back pain. 

When should I visit a doctor?

  1. A) If the pain lasts longer than a week, then the same should not be ignored and be provided medical attention.
  2. B) Feeling numbness as well as tingling in your feet should push you towards visiting a doctor.
  3. C) Consider visiting a doctor when the pain isn’t fading away with adequate rest and appropriate exercise.


Back pain isn’t something that you can afford to ignore. Not getting adequate treatment and rest might leave you with a gift of recurring back pain, which is going to make your life a living hell. To prevent the same, get in touch with regular stretching exercises and avoid back-stressing workouts or tasks.


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