Understand the Warning Signs that You Need to See a urologist

Urine infections may be common in all human beings. Some of them go away on their own while others may need medical attention. It may be a reason for concern if you don’t feel fine after a few days. In such cases, urologist mount vernon will be the best way to get rid of any problem. The best way to control these issues is to seek advice as soon as possible. It is important to understand the warning signs so that you can take the necessary steps at the right time.

Symptoms that need medical attention

It is highly recommended to monitor the symptoms so that you can see a urologist before the things go out of your hands:

Painful urination

There may be several reasons for painful urination and you need to contact a urologist as soon as possible if the pain does not go away in a day or two. The pain may be associated with bacterial infection or any other abnormalities in the bladder. Your healthcare provider will be able to analyze your condition and suggest the targeted treatment.

Blood in the urine

If you have a stone in your bladder, enlarged prostate or UTIs, you may experience blood in the bladder. It is not a good idea to ignore such a medical condition. In worse cases, the blood in the urine is a sign of bladder cancer. Therefore, you should never ignore it and meet a urologist on an urgent basis.

Abnormality in your kidney 

With the help of CT scans and X-rays, any abnormalities in the kidney can be spotted. If your doctor detects them, he may ask you to meet a urologist so that further treatment can be carried out. 

Weak or delayed stream of urine 

If you are not able to urinate properly for a few days, it is time to see a urologist. He will analyze the condition and offer the best treatment. If the problem does not get better in a few days even after the medications, he may ask you to get scans, tests and X-rays done.

Smell in the urine 

There have been instances when you get a foul smell at the time of urination. If it happens persistently, you must see a doctor.

Most medical issues related to the urine and kidneys are treated if they are diagnosed and treated well on time. That’s why, you should meet a doctor without any delay. 


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