Non-Surgical Buccal Fat Removal: How It Works?


Fat in undesirable areas of the body causes it to take on an undesirable form. As a result, fat cheeks removal procedures are in great demand in Singapore. Liposuction was once the sole way to remove fat from the body. Liposuction is an invasive treatment technique that involves surgical and general anesthetic hazards, as well as high costs and lengthy recovery periods. Liposuction sculpting outcomes are highly reliant on the plastic surgeon’s aesthetic judgment and ability. Patients are looking for non-invasive or non-surgical procedures to help them lose some of their excess weight that have less dangers and need less downtime. The slimming market is vast, with several slimming therapies available. What works and what does not work?

Singapore Fat Reduction Treatment Options

Certain fat removal procedures available at aesthetic clinics provide fast effects, which has persuaded many people to spend their time and money there. Participants should keep in mind, however, that fat loss or weight loss takes time, whether through exercise and nutrition (creating a caloric deficit) or fat removal therapy (involving fat cell destruction and lipolysis). If quick benefits are evident after fat removal treatment, this is mainly because of water loss at the treatment region caused by lymphatic drainage, suction massage, or dehydration.

Is HIFU Effective for Removing Fat Cheeks?

While it is true that HIFU treatments are primarily used to address anti-aging skin conditions, the technique also assists in fat cheeks removal. HIFU, or High-intensity Focused Ultrasound, is a technique that employs ultrasound technology to induce collagen formation, which assists with body contouring and skin laxity.

Although HIFU is intended to elevate the skin by addressing the various layers up to the layer of SMAS, ultrasonic waves from HIFU may penetrate deeper into the fat layer (subcutaneous layer). Because fat cells are sensitive to temperature, a fast shift in temperature causes fat cell death. The high frequency of the ultrasonic pulse causes heating of the subcutaneous layer. The lymphatic system permanently removes the thermally caused destructed fat cells. This focused therapy promotes fat restructuring in the treatment region.

Our bodies naturally lose collagen as we get old. Because collagen keeps the skin tight, the more fibers we possess, the firmer the skin is. The HIFU Body Lipolysis therapy is a non-surgical body treatment that may aid in the removal of excess skin. It destroys fat cells and decreases the amount of fatty tissues beneath the skin. This procedure additionally tightens your skin in the affected region. Collagen synthesis is increased, resulting in smoother, firmer skin than it was before.

How Does HIFU Work?

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound is the first non-surgical medical technology that enables energy to penetrate to depths of 1.5, 3, and 4.5 mm for skin tightening and lifting.

HIFU is also employed to melt face fat while tightening the region because of the significant quantity of energy it generates. It’s notably beneficial for double chins, neck tightening, lower facelifts, jowl reduction (fats surrounding the corner of your mouth).

1.5mm In Depth

The HIFU may lighten pigmentation and lighten your skin at this depth. After a couple of weekly sessions using the HIFU, the level of melanin in your skin would be reduced noticeably.

3mm In Depth

Skin tissue heating at 3mm is primarily aimed at tightening of the skin. RF  techniques, such as the Sylfirm X and Thermage, are usually used to tighten skin by heating it. The HIFU can likewise target structural collagen at this level and apply precise energy to induce collagen formation.

4.5mm In Depth

The lifting effect occurs at 4.5mm. At this level, SMAS is commonly found. This is the layer that surgeons tighten during a surgical facelift. This implies that using the HIFU to stimulate and tighten your SMAS layer would offer outstanding lifting outcomes.

Is Hifu The Greatest Fat-Loss Method?

When compared to surgical fat removal methods, HIFU Body Lipolysis is less risky and leaves no scars. The recuperation period is less than that of other comparable surgeries. You may normally return to your regular activities right away.