How Cannabidiol (CBD) Helps Cats: Proper Answers

CBD oil is being used by more and more cat owners as a natural treatment for their cats’ stress, anxiety, and seizures. Some of the most often cited benefits of CBD for cats include

Favorable conditions

Introducing a new cat into the household might cause tension amongst the current feline members. Although we recommend a slow and steady approach to acclimating a cat to its new surroundings (for tips from our PAWS colleagues, click here), CBD oil will help ease the transition. Both the existing cat and the new cat would benefit from CBD to keep them more relaxed until they have established a mutually beneficial relationship. CBD is as effective as any other medication for helping cats and dogs learn to cohabit together.

Aiding in relaxation

Cats have a profound affinity for their homes and territories, and most of them do not like having their regular routines interrupted when on holiday. CBD may be used as needed to help reduce feelings of stress in certain scenarios. With the potential to calm your cat without putting it to sleep, CBD might make trips to the groomer or veterinarian less unpleasant for everyone involved. You should provide the CBD to your cat around half an hour before you have to leave for your appointment. The Soft Chews for Cats at Holistapet may help your cat stay calm and peaceful on car, plane, or train rides without the use of sedatives or other drugs. The easiest method to ensure that you are administering the right quantity is to practise doing so at home before embarking on a longer trip.

To alleviate stress 

Anxiety is a common problem among our mysterious feline friends, and it is sometimes hard to understand and more harder to cure. This page provides some background on the topic. Cat pain may be difficult to detect and manage for a number of reasons. If you have previously talked with your doctor to rule out any significant medical problems and only want to decrease the discomfort your cat is suffering due to old age or chronic conditions, CBD may be able to help.


All animals have an endocannabinoid system, which consists of a complex network of receptors that regulates physiological processes. The body produces endocannabinoids on demand, helping to keep the internal environment stable, or in homeostasis. When homeostasis is thrown off by an external event, such an accident or sickness, the body’s internal functions cannot keep up with the demands placed upon them. Taking phytocannabinoids, which are abundant in hemp, may help the animal feel more balanced and less pain. This is what makes the Soft Chews for Cats at Holistapet so specifically important.


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