Face Slimming Treatments Explained: What are the Most Effective Treatments?

We are all born with different facial sizes and shapes. Some people are blessed with natural and well-defined facial features that make us look young and sleek. Others were not so fortunate. Particularly with East Asians’ naturally larger, weaker, and shorter facial traits. East Asians, in particular, have a deep cultural desire to have face slimming procedures like chin projections, jaw augmentations, buccal fat removal, and others. We also attempt other methods and techniques by ourselves with little success, such as hard cardio workouts, lowering salt consumption to avoid face bloating and water retention, cutting down on sweets and dieting, getting enough sleep, and even turning to face shaping massages.

V Shape Facial Slimming Treatments In  Singapore

When we’re young, our faces have a young V-shaped triangle, with firm and taut skin (more so in Caucasians and to a lesser extent in East Asians). The skin sags as we get old, and our youthful V-shape distorts, resulting in a larger bottom part of your face. This reversal of the young V might explain why individuals want to keep or develop a slender V-shaped face.

Singapore Non-Surgical Facial Slimming Procedures

Many treatments and approaches have been developed in our quest to acquire that young and thin V-face. Plastic surgery is an obvious example, but it’s a radical and irreversible procedure with a lengthy recovery period and accompanying risks. Facial slimming, however, no longer just involves lowering the amount of facial fat or cutting off the jaw bone. Non-invasive techniques are now available to remove fat, tighten and lift skin, rejuvenate aged tissues, and shape and enhance face features. The following are some of the most successful non-invasive facial slimming procedures available in Singapore:

Jaw Reduction & Face Slimming with Botox

BTX jaw reduction is a non-surgical and minimally invasive face slimming procedure that aids in slimming down the face by focusing on square-boxed jaws. Aside from genetics, square jaws may grow eventually when the jaw muscles are used to clench and chew, leading to jaw muscles that are overdeveloped. Botox injections on either side of your jaw, especially targeting your masseter muscles, may be used to thin the face. Botox makes your masseter muscles relaxed, which are bulky and overactive. It’s a quick “lunchtime” treatment that takes no more than a minute to complete. These muscles slowly relax, allowing the jawline to shrink and sharpen. When compared to your cheekbones, your face seems more defined and sharper overall. Botox facial slimming results might last anywhere from 6-9 months and could take 2 to 4 weeks to completely manifest.

Jawline & Chin fillers

A well-defined jawline is essential for expressing a youthful, slim V-shaped face. But not all of us are born with a razor-sharp jawline and a protruding chin. Submental fat deposits underneath your jawline and beneath your chin may cause the face to “melt” into your neck, granting you a round, undefined and overweight appearance. Jawline and chin fillers may assist with this. While not exactly facial slimming, dermal fillers may assist provide the appearance of a smaller face by defining the jawline better. It’s accomplished by administering dissolvable dermal fillers into your jawline to reshape it. Simultaneously, chin fillers are injected into your chin to sharpen your face and provide the projection. This assists you in achieving a more youthful and smaller V-shape face.

(HIFU) High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound

With no downtime or surgery, HIFU is a non-surgical procedure that efficiently shapes and tightens sagging facial skin. HIFU not only increases collagen and elastin synthesis in the skin, but it may also accomplish facial slimming by lifting droopy cheeks, tightening the double chin, and toning up the bottom part of the face for a more defined, sharper V-shape.

The concentrated ultrasound waves cause heat to be generated in the target location, causing collagen fibers to tighten and thicken, lifting the skin. This creates the appearance of a thinner face.

Thread Lift

Thread Lifting is a treatment that uses absorbable surgical threads to lift soft tissues and drooping skin to create a more defined V-shape face. Changes in the face bone and gravity cause us to lose the supporting structures that maintain the overlying soft tissues tight and in place as we get old. As we age, our soft tissues shift and sag, leading to droopy jowls and cheeks. The misplaced soft tissues are lifted by putting dissolvable threads deep beneath the skin at selected regions, leading to a sharpness of the jawline. Threads give two types of lifting benefits: mechanical lift from the thread and collagen stimulation from the threads. This facial slimming effect may persist for 1 to 2 years.


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