Can I Get a Cheap Eye Exam?

It’s essential to have your eyes checked regularly by a reputable optometrist, especially for people who wear contacts or eyeglasses. Doing so protects your eye health, with medical professionals able to diagnose problems before they worsen. However, it can be difficult finding an affordable eye exam, especially if your location isn’t as accessible to clinics like Dr. Tavel Family Eye Care.

This doesn’t mean eye exams have to be so expensive. It’s possible to find a more cost-effective eye exam from an eye doctor in Avon Indiana and other locations; this article can help you find one.

1. National or Government Programs

You can find many programs that offer low-cost, or even free, eye exams and eyewear to those with limited income. Because of this, you have to meet certain requirements to qualify for such programs. Here are the eye programs you can avail:

  • EyeCare America
  • Vision the USA
  • Lions Club International
  • New Eyes
  • OneSight’s OnSite Voucher Program
  • InfantSEE, VSP Global Sight for Students, and Children’s Health Insurance Program are meant for children

Besides national programs, there are government programs like Medicaid or Medicare in the USA. While most medical insurance plans don’t provide vision care, Medicaid may offer some form of vision coverage.

The services Medicaid covers would vary by state. Some may include vision coverage, such as eye exams and eyewear. Those under 21 years old have vision coverage under Medicaid.

Medicare does not cover routine eye care and exams, but it can cover some vision care if you have cataracts, dry eye, glaucoma, macular degeneration, or diabetes.

2. Optometry Schools

Numerous optometry schools provide free or low-cost eye exams that are conducted by supervised students of optometry. Certain optometry schools may provide eye care to those willing to become participants in research studies. The eye exams and care will vary, depending on the school, but you can still try by checking this website to search for schools within your local area.

3. Eye Exam Centers

You can find cheap eye exams from discount eye exam centers in malls or big-box stores. The centers have lower prices than optometry clinics and can offer discounts, deals, and other promos. Check out the following in the USA:

  • America’s Best ($45)
  • EyeCare America ($89)
  • Target Optical ($55)
  • Walmart Vision Center ($60)
  • Costco ($80)
  • Sam’s Club ($50)

These prices only include the eye exam but no glasses. However, they do offer low-priced glasses with prescription lenses, if needed. Some of them also have membership programs for further discounts and free eye exams.

4. Online Retailers

If you already have an eyeglass prescription and only need glasses, you can find online retailers offering extremely affordable eyeglasses. But note that such prices are for basic lenses and not for specialized or high prescription strength lenses, which are pricier.

Wrapping It Up

Not everyone can afford regular eye exams, but there are more affordable options when required. Research any of these options above to get the eye exams you deserve without having to break your bank.


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