At What Breast Size Should You Get A Reduction? 

Breast reduction surgery can be life-changing for those who have big breasts. This breast surgery may alleviate their difficulty working out, grooved shoulders, back and shoulder aches, and a lack of wardrobe choices. Breast reduction surgery, also known as reduction mammaplasty, eliminates breast fat, tissue, and skin. Breast reduction surgery can relieve discomfort and enhance the appearance of big breasts. If you are considering breast reduction surgery, speak to a San Diego plastic surgeon today. 

Why breast reduction is done 

Breast reduction surgery is intended for women who have big breasts that result in the following symptoms:

  • A persistent rash or skin irritation under the breasts
  • Bra strap causing shoulder grooves
  • Back, neck, and shoulder discomfort that persists
  • Large breasts causing a negative self-image.
  • Being unable to participate in some activities
  • Nerve pain
  • Having difficulty fitting into bras and outfits

Breast reduction surgery is typically not advised for those who:

  • Do not want scars on the breasts
  • Are very obese
  • Smoke

Breast reduction surgery can be performed at any age, including as a teenager. However, breasts that have not fully developed may require a second operation later in life.

Advantages of breast reduction surgery 

Now that you know your breasts do not have to be a specific size to be a suitable candidate for breast reduction surgery, let us go over some of the most significant advantages.

  • You will feel amazing after the surgery. 

Breast reduction is a big surgery. Thus, recovery will take one to two months. You should expect mild to severe discomfort, edema, and bruising for a few weeks. However, you will be satisfied with your breasts’ new form and size after four to eight weeks. Many clinical studies show that following the operation, women enjoy improved mental and physical health.

  • You will have a breast lift. 

Breast augmentation is frequently combined with a breast lift. However, many patients are unaware that breast reduction surgery includes a breast lift. Breast skin can expand due to aging, pregnancy, or nursing, resulting in sagging or drooping. To raise the breasts higher on the chest, your surgeon will reduce their size and remove excess tissue. 

  • You will get rid of the pain. 

Perhaps the most significant advantage of breast reduction is that there is no longer any pain. For years, women with big breasts frequently suffer shoulder, back, and neck pain. When your breasts are smaller, the agony you have been experiencing for years may go away. Unsurprisingly, many ladies remark on how much weight has been lifted from them. 


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