A Deeper Look at the Iconic Super Glue Cannabis Strain

Super Glue cannabis strain is an indica dominant hybrid that is known for its narrow, long, fairly light buds with developed bracts. This indica dominant strain provides a functional and relaxing high to the body.

A crossbreed of Afghan Kush and Northern Lights

Super Glue strain is a result of a crossbreed between Afghan Kush and Northern Lights. The main characteristic of Afghan Kush is that it has big, broad leaves with tight bud balls. On the other hand, northern lights are actually a crossbreed of Afghani and Thai.

Aroma & Appearance

As far as the strain’s aroma is concerned, it offers a sweet scent of caramel that tickles the nose, lemon and pine notes, and an earthy and woody flavor. One can experience a sweet and skunk odor upon a deep inhale. There is a common notion that Super Glue provides a harsh toke.

However, many people have found that this strain is not harsh at all. In fact, due to its earthy and woody flavors, it is light on the lungs and smooth to consume. Super Glue has a strong appeal because of its well-defined buds, which are long and narrow than being round and dense.

The flowers of this cannabis variety grind well. A good level of moisture allows the strain’s bud to be suitable for a dry bowl. And not to forget the beautiful buds that this plant has to offer.

Growers can at times notice a loss of trichomes during the handling and trimming process. However, all the trichome heads won’t be lost during the harvest. 


Super Glue Cannabis strain is dominant in limonene and caryophyllene terpenes. For those who are unaware, terpenes are very much responsible for the healing powers of cannabis.

Caryophyllene is known to provide pain reduction and help relieve depression. Whereas, Limonene also helps in relieving depression and anxiety.


Super Glue is high in THC value. Therefore, beginners should be extra careful about the consumption of this strain. Due to the strain’s high THC content, it is also advised that one should not consume this variety during the daytime but only during the night or after work.

However, for those who wish to calm themselves and attain a focused mindset during the day, Super Glue can be their go-to option.


Cannabis consumption has increased over the years. And the motive behind consuming cannabis has also witnessed a change. Consumers these days not only want to get high with cannabis consumption, but they also want to avail all the recreational and medicinal benefits associated with the strain.

They don’t want to couch-lock themselves but reduce anxiety. They don’t want too much of a high but quite enough to attain a focused mindset. Super Glue can be one of the best options to opt for if you fall into this category of modern consumers.

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