3 Reasons Dentists Need You to Take Dental X-Ray

A dental X-ray is a low-dose form of radiation that can be used to detect cavities, diagnose tooth infections, or locate fractured teeth. The procedure is painless and takes only seconds to complete. An X-ray helps a dentist Dexter MI to diagnose a dental problem or make sure that there is no problem in the teeth. 

Here are the 3 key reasons dentists need you to take dental X-rays.

  • X-rays let us see under the surface of your teeth

Dental X-rays allow dentists to see problems that they can’t see just by looking at your teeth. In fact, x-rays can give them so much information that it’s nearly impossible for us to understand with bare eyes. 

For example, an X-ray can tell us whether or not the teeth have been damaged. And because dental X-rays show the shape of our teeth, dentists are also able to see whether the teeth are aligned properly. This is great information if the teeth don’t fit together properly. If you have broken a tooth, for example, an X-ray can show where it is broken. 

  • X-rays help with finding small issues before they become big problems 

Do you have a cavity? Do you have a tooth that may be infected? Are you in trouble with an abscessed tooth? While it is rare, these things can happen. But an X-ray can tell where the problem is. An X-ray won’t cure the problem, but it will alert us to things that we should watch more carefully. Moreover, dental X-rays also help in the early screening of oral cancer and other serious dental conditions. This will help dentists find these problems before they become more difficult to treat.

  • A child’s growth and development can be monitored 

A dental X-ray is extremely helpful in monitoring the growth of your child’s teeth. And if there are any issues, dentists can identify and address these issues before they become problems. Dentists also will be able to notice whether there is a misalignment in any of the teeth or whether any teeth show signs of damage. 

Dental X-rays also help dentists understand jaw development in children. For example, an X-ray can help dentists to monitor whether the hyoid bone is growing properly and whether the jaw joints are developing normally. This way dentists can check for any damage that may lead to developmental problems in the future.


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