Why are cigarettes bad for your teeth?

“SMOKING IS INJURIOUS TO HEALTH” is the tagline that is printed on every cigarette packet, near pubs and bars, in public places, as well as displays before you start watching a movie. Isn’t it? But how many people have you spotted smoking around you on a regular basis? These taglines haven’t impacted their habit, and most people quit smoking once their doctor gives an ultimatum for a disease or they pass away. The addiction may seem cool but has a very severe impact on every part of your body. It isn’t just your lungs that are compromised but also your heart, organs, blood oxygen level, and even your teeth and gum health. Don’t believe us? Read below to know the effects of cigarette smoking on your dental health, as said by an Uptown Phoenix dentist

Causes tooth discoloration 

The nicotine and tar present in cigarettes is the main cause of tooth discoloration for any smoker. When you smoke a cigarette, these elements get trapped in your tooth enamel and cannot be brushed away, thereby staining your teeth permanently.

Tooth loss 

Smoking cigarettes reduces the oxygen in your bloodstream, which in turn, reduces your healing power. That being so, when you suffer from any oral disease or dental health problem, it will reduce the healing process and lead to tooth loss or increased dental health problems.

Reduced efficacy of dental procedures

Oral health problems elevate quickly in chronic smokers. Thus, they will need dental procedures and treatment to maintain good oral health. But as a result of smoking, these dental procedures become difficult to perform and even have reduced efficacy and success.

Mouth cancer

The most severe and deadly repercussion of smoking a cigarette is developing oral cancer. If you are a chain smoker and have a habit of smoking packs of cigarettes every day, there are chances that you will likely have increased gum and teeth infections resulting in oral cancer.

We understand quitting smoking can be a huge decision, but though tough, it will be life-changing. Once you quit smoking, a study reveals that your body starts returning to its healthier side and overturns the damage done by cigarettes. Thus, now when you light a cigarette, remember the impact it leaves on your body. A puff can become your last one; for that reason, be cautious about your health and get professional medical help to quit today. Remember, it can be difficult but not impossible.


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