Six Signs You Need a Dentist

Most individuals visit the dentist twice yearly for preventive care, but you may need treatment between visits. When to make an appointment depends on several factors. To be happy and healthy, you must take care of your teeth. The following are symptoms you need dental care in Plymouth right away.

  • Dental discomfort

Pain is the biggest reason people visit the dentist outside their regular appointments. discomfort can include toothaches, gum discomfort, and jaw pain. The pain may range from mild to severe. You may also be more sensitive to temperature and sweets. Our dentist should evaluate these symptoms immediately. Dental pain may signal disease or decay, and our dentist can help.

  • Decomposition or Blood

Bleeding gums during brushing or randomly are abnormal. Consult your dentist if you see blood in the sink while brushing. Visible pus or tooth decay are dental emergencies. Consult your dentist and describe your symptoms and eagerness to get an appointment as soon as possible.

  • Persistent bad breath

Bad breath is humiliating for most individuals, especially if it persists after brushing. A healthy mouth has saliva to wipe away food particles and neutralize mouth acids. Tooth decay, gum disease, or infection can cause bad breath. Halitosis may indicate a bacteria imbalance or illness that a dentist can treat. If you have chronic foul breath, visit our dentist.

  • Teeth shifting or loose

Permanent adult teeth should not move. If you detect expanding gaps or mild movement of your permanent teeth, it may indicate bone loss or infection. Pay attention to changes in your bite and how dentures or other dental appliances fit. To preserve your natural teeth, a dentist will assess your gums and teeth and give therapy.

  • Pregnant

Pregnant women’s dental health is affected by hormones. Pregnancy increases the risk of cavities, benign tumors, and gingivitis. Morning sickness and vomiting can also erode enamel and damage gums and teeth. after pregnancy, many women’s gums swell or bleed after brushing. Talk to your dentist about scheduling a dental appointment in your first or second trimester.

  • You Have not Seen a Dentist in 6+ Months

Preventive dental treatment should include cleanings, oral cancer screenings, x-rays, and more. If it is been six months since your last dental checkup, see your dentist. Regular cleanings can remove plaque, tartar, and stains.

Contact Your Dentist Today!

Make a dentist appointment if you detect any of these indicators. They will assess your symptoms to see if oral health issues need to be addressed or prevented. Your dentist’s office’s first priority is your oral and overall health, so do not hesitate to ask questions.


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