Marijuana Seed Storage Tips: Everything You Need To Keep In Mind

Hola, my fellow grower! The first step to any venture is super important. And when you are starting to grow weed, you need to start with top-quality seeds.

Often you might buy your seeds much ahead of the growing season, and you might have to store them. Often, you might have seeds of your favorite strains, and you want to store them for another season. You might also get the seeds as gifts.

However, if you don’t store them well, they might get ruined. If you manage to store the seeds well, you might keep them preserved for a long time.

You might be wondering why the right storage conditions are so important? If the seeds get conditions that are right for them to germinate, the embryo within them will activate, and they will begin to sprout. Therefore, the right storage means to keep the seeds protected from those conditions.

Bad storage might also kill the seeds, or they might even catch fungus, mold, or get rotten. Therefore, let us talk about the right ways to store cannabis seeds.

Factors That Influence Marijuana Seed Storage

If you want to store your seeds for a longer period, you have to heed the following factors.

Stable Temperature

To store the seed well, you need to ensure a steady temperature. When the temperature fluctuates, the seed signals that winter is over and it is time to grow shoots and roots. The seed might begin to sprout, and the hard outer shell might crack open. This will make the embryo come out of the seed and attract moisture and pests.

Thus it is important to pay attention that the temperature of your storage space stays under 5 degrees centigrade or 41 degrees Fahrenheit. It should ideally stay around 38 degrees to keep the seed dormant.  

To ensure that the temperature stability is maintained, you must keep the seeds in the back of the refrigerator. It is best to use a separate unit so that temperature fluctuations do not affect the seeds when you open the fridge’s door.

Do not freeze the seeds for a long time. Otherwise, the water within the seed will get frozen, and freezing will make the water expand, and the cell wall will ultimately be destroyed, killing the seed.

Also, ensure that you keep them in a vacuum-sealed pack in a dark container. Please do not wait to thaw them and directly germinate the seeds when you bring them out.

The Right Humidity

The cannabis seed looks for humidity as a sign to prepare for germination. If you do not store them properly and prepare to crack open and grow shoots and roots, you will lose them.

The condition must not be too dry either. You must ensure a 5% humidity level, and this will ensure that the hard, waxy covering stays undisturbed and your seed is protected from germinating on its own.

Exposure To Light

Light also acts as an alarm bell to wake the seed up from its dormant state and begin the process of germination. Even if there is no sunlight, and you have stored it in a fridge, the germination process might kick start by the lightbulb inside it.

Therefore, you must ensure that the seed is protected from light not to be damaged. Use an opaque dark container to keep the light away from the seed. They would sleep longer, and there won’t be any chance of decay. The seed’s surface will get damaged if it is exposed to light.

Exposure To Air

You should ensure that the seed is exposed to a minimum amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide. As the cannabis plants breathe oxygen and co2, they might also wake up the seed. So, when you store the seeds in the airtight container, ensure that they are properly sealed.

If you are using vacuum-sealed plastic pouches, that’s the best idea.


Some marijuana strains are hardy and last for long, while others might be quick to germinate if they get any of the above triggers.

Pests and Insects

You also need to check the container for any insects and pests, or else they will destroy all your priced seeds. You can use diatomaceous earth (D.E), which is a natural insecticide, to protect your seeds. However, you should not use your D.E if there are food materials in your fridge where you are storing the seed.

You must also store the seeds in a clean area to prevent any pests, molds, or fungus from attacking them. Contaminated seeds are every grower’s nightmare.

Methods To Store Marijuana Seeds

Here are a few methods to store your seeds. The method you choose will depend on the duration of storing your seed.

Mylar Bags

Thick mylar bags, vacuum stored, can be great for storing the seeds for the long term. You should ensure that the bags stay away from light.

You must use a desiccant pack for absorbing moisture. These works would be best for you to store the marijuana seeds in a refrigerator.

Glass Jars with Plastic Or Rubber Stopper

This is also a method that works great for long-term storage. If you can get jars that have rubber stoppers, they are best. These jars also work better than plastic coverings. Plastic allows a bit of moisture when stored for a longer duration.

You can also throw in a desiccant pack so that it absorbs moisture in the jar. It also helps in keeping the humidity stable. Another tip would be to use cotton balls or paper napkins to separate the seeds from the desiccant packs.

They also absorb any extra moisture. If you can vacuum seal the jar, that would be best. Don’t forget to cover the jar in dark and opaque material. The seeds would stay protected for a long term, sometimes a year, with the right condition when refrigerated in glass jars.

Tan Coin Or Mailing Envelopes

Tan coin envelopes or standard mailing envelopes can work when you want to store the seeds for a short period. The seeds will last for almost a month if you store them well. Ensure that you get a thick paper envelope so that light does not seep in and wake up the seed. You must keep it in a dry, dark, cool spot. Ensure that the temperature in that area does not fluctuate.

I prefer keeping them in the back of a closet or a drawer. In this way, the seeds stay dormant for a few weeks and sometimes even a few months. I also like to write information like the strain name, storage date, or any other information I want for later use on the envelope.

Throwing in some rice grains can regulate the humidity. A desiccant pack is always great. However, do not use an envelope to store your seeds if your location has frequent weather fluctuations or storms.

Final Thoughts

When you are storing the cannabis seeds, you must ensure that you are not exposing the seeds to air, light, fluctuating temperature, and moisture. You must also keep them safe from pests, and you must take proper care not to expose the seeds to any germination conditions.

These tips for storing the seeds work for me when you have purchased strains beforehand. If you want to lay hands on the best available strains in the market, you must check out the top online seller for cannabis seeds, Homegrown Cannabis Co. They have the best variety of rare strains that are carefully bred and stabilized.

I hope this article has been of help to you and you use these tips to store your seeds well. If stored correctly, your seeds can last for months, and you can curate your favorite batch of seeds. Bye-bye..


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