Getting Dental Implants? Ask These Questions to Your Dentist First!

A dental implant is a popular method for tooth replacement of damaged or lost teeth. A missing tooth can lead to a loss of confidence and ruin the aesthetic of your smile. People get more self-conscious after losing teeth. dental implants in Littleton, CO, can enhance your confidence and smile. Such implants appear similar to real ones and act as natural tooth roots. Moreover, they facilitate the protection of the jawbone tissues as well.

Here are some essential questions you should consider discussing with your dentist before getting a dental implant. 

Ask about their experience in doing dental implants.

An experienced dentist is best for carrying out the procedure. They are equipped with the required skills and expertise to carry out the process smoothly. A dentist with experience will most likely do the implant successfully without complications.

Ask if they have a CT scanner available in their clinic.

A CT scan is essential as it plays a vital role in correctly placing the dental implant. It helps the surgeon see the bone level correctly so the implant can be completed safely.

Ask them how they assist nervous patients.

 Dental anxiety is common while visiting dentists. Getting a complicated procedure done to your teeth can heighten your anxiety. It is necessary to discuss with your dentist the services offered by them to calm patients during implants. Anesthesia and other sedation methods are common in relaxing patients to carry out the implant conveniently.

Ask if they take referrals from other dentists.

If your implant dentist accepts referrals from other professionals, it is good. This proves that your dentist is experienced and esteemed in the field. You are more likely to receive good treatment from such professionals.

Ask if they use an on-site lab.

If your dentist has an on-site lab, it is considered good as it facilitates completing the procedure within due time. It helps maintain integrity and allows the dentist to make corrections to the occurring issues.

Discuss the guarantee of your dental implants with the dentist.

Dental implants are generally guaranteed for three years, promoting good dental hygiene among patients and encouraging them to visit their dentists for regular checkups. Regular checkups help detect and treat gum issues within time, supporting that the implants last a long time.

It would be better to take time to understand the process, do’s, and don’ts of your dentist to get the most from your dental implant. 


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