Five Dental Emergencies in Scottsdale that Require Immediate Attention from Your Dentist

Not all dental mishaps require an immediate visit to a dentist. In some instances, you may suffer minor dental injuries that resolve themselves. But some dental scenarios require immediate medical attention. You have a dental emergency if you experience mouth trauma that leads to serious teeth or gum damage. It’s important to see a Scottsdale dentist immediately after suffering from trauma to ensure the injury does not lead to more serious dental issues. Below are situations you must seek dental assistance for immediately:

Extreme Toothache

When your tooth hurts seriously and you cannot function properly, you need to see your dentist so it can be examined as soon as possible. Before your appointment, swish water around the mouth to alleviate the pain. To minimize any swelling, a cold compress can be placed against the face for thirty minutes. Then, warm and cold compresses can be alternated against the outside of the mouth. Do not put any pain reliever directly against your gum area because this can cause gum inflammation. 

Filling Loss

If your dental filling is in several pieces, get rid of all of them to ensure you don’t ingest them. Then, use warm water to rinse the cavity. Make sure to schedule a visit to your dentist for a new filing as soon as possible.

Crown or Cap Loss

If you lost your crown or cap, the affected tooth can become extremely sensitive, especially when you eat or drinks something. A temporary cap or wax can be used to cover the sensitive area until you can visit your dentist. 

A Broken or Chipped Tooth 

If your tooth breaks or chips, rinse your mouth with warm water. If you can save the chipped tooth, rinse it as well. Apply sterile cotton or gauze for around five minutes to stop bleeding. To relieve swelling, apply a cold compress to the outside part of your mouth. 

Tooth Dislodgement

Often, you can save a permanent tooth when you properly handle it and act quickly. If a whole tooth dislodges from your mouth, put the tooth in a container filled with lightly salted water or fresh, cold milk. Both liquids can preserve the displaced tooth. Handle the bleeding by dampening gauze with cold water and applying pressure to the affected site. Get medical attention within one hour to ensure the tooth can survive. 

If you are facing these dental emergencies, you should give your dentist a call as soon as possible. A lot of dentists in Scottsdale can give the necessary emergency dental treatment. 


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