Are Dentures or Dental Implants the Right Tooth Replacement Option for You in Vista?

A missing tooth can impact your overall health and self-esteem. Losing a tooth is quite common in people of all ages. Thankfully, modern Vista family and cosmetic dentistry provides a lot of options to restore and replace a tooth. You only have to pick the best option for you, but your dentist can give some enlightenment so you can make an informed decision. Dentures and dental implants are the most popular solutions for missing teeth. Learn more about them below:

Should You Opt for Dentures?

Typically, dentures are ideal for those who have lost a set of teeth rather than only a tooth or two. They are natural-looking and can be removed. Compared to implants, dentures are more affordable. Dentures might be perfect for you if your jaw is weak or not healthy. 

Your dentist will secure your dentures with adhesive to ensure they do not slip out of place when you eat or speak. Dentures that are not properly fitted to the mouth can result in an infection or tooth decay. Also, dentures require extensive cleaning every day to prevent bacterial growth.

Are Implants the Right Choice for You?

Tooth implants are a long-term kind of tooth replacement. They are surgically inserted into your jaw, which means you don’t need to remove them when you eat or clean them. Dental implants care and maintenance is the same as how you care for your natural teeth. This means that daily brushing and flossing also maintain your implants.

Dental implants are perfect for people who need just one or two teeth replacements. However, you can also get implants for a full set of teeth. Although dental implants are pricier than dentures, they last a long time and can be maintained easily. In addition, the implant procedure is completed by placing a dental crown on top of them, serving as your artificial tooth. Overall, dental implants look, feel, and function like real teeth. 

How Dentures and Implants Differ Cosmetically

With dentures, your oral and facial muscles can deteriorate because your jawbone is not used to support anything or does not get stimulation. As a result, your face can look older or saggier than before. As dental implants are surgically screwed into your jawbone, they stimulate your jaw’s bones and muscles, maintaining the youthful look of your face. 

If you are not sure whether to get dentures or implants, you should consult your dentist first. They can help you weigh your options and decide the one that works best for you. 


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