Tinnitus and Vertigo: What are the Causes and Treatments?

Tired of the buzzing bee-like sound ringing in your ears (or head) despite no one is speaking? Frequently affected by walking in darkness so much that you’ve developed a fear of falling? Well, you are definitely suffering from ear disorders namely Tinnitus and Vertigo.

As scary as they are (especially because they can only be treated, not cured), you should know that every 1 in 5 people suffer from varying degrees of tinnitus at some point in time or the other.

Sometimes, tinnitus is short-lived and stops on its own. But, at times, the buzzing might start getting louder. This is the time that it requires the help of professionals to treat tinnitus. Similarly, Vertigo requires treatment too.

Read this quick post to find out more about both these problems and how they can be successfully managed. Dive in!

Tinnitus: Causes and Treatment

Tinnitus can be a result of head trauma you might have suffered or concussions. Some other more common causes behind tinnitus are as follows:

  1. Certain medications.
  2. Use of alcohol or drugs.
  3. Stress and anxiety.
  4. Built-up ear wax.
  5. Recurring ear infections.

Very rarely, but possibly, tinnitus can point towards tumors as well.

Here’s how professionals help:

Audiologists first rule out the possibility of another underlying condition that tinnitus could be a symptom of.

You’re supposed to find out your TFI score by filling a questionnaire. The experts use that score to determine how severe the degree of tinnitus is.

Once determined, audiologists at elite clinics like Audiologie Centre Ouest test auditif use different therapies to treat tinnitus. The most effective is Zen therapy.

You will also be taught some de-stress meditation exercises that will reduce your anxiety; thereby, helping you cope up with tinnitus better.

Vertigo: Causes and Treatment

Vertigo is characterized by imbalance: you can’t walk in a straight line or the dark. In fact, eventually, when the problem gets worse, you might not be able to walk at all due to the fear of falling.

Many people might not know, but it’s our ears that balance the body. So, Vertigo is actually a result of auditory imbalance.

Audiologists perform certain tests such as VNG, BPPV, and Oculomotor assessment to craft a rehabilitation program that will be specific to the extent of severity.

There are mainly 4 programs customized to treat Vertigo.


If you’ve been facing any such hearing problems and you are in Montreal, Audiologie Centre Ouest is one of the best clinics to get treated at.


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