Should you see a dentist right away? Don’t miss these signs!

Regardless of age, you are expected to see a dentist at least once in six months. Even when you are regular with your appointments, you may end up with dental concerns that need immediate attention. Unfortunately, many of us take oral care for granted. In this post, let’s discuss the signs that indicate that you need to see a dentist in Fort Myers, FL, right away. 

  1. You have consistent bad breath. Bacterial growth because of the breakdown of food particles can cause bad breath. There could be other underlying triggers, like smoking, poor dental hygiene, and medications. If you think that your bad breath is a consistent concern and a matter of embarrassment, check with your dentist. 
  2. You have experienced bleeding while brushing and flossing. If your gums and teeth are in good health, there shouldn’t be any bleeding as you brush and floss. When that happens, it is a clear indicator of dental disease, which could be related to many things. Talk to your dentist if you need to take medications or need treatments. 
  3. You have bleeding gums. Periodontal disease can be a result of poor oral hygiene practices. If there is plaque around your teeth, the surrounding gums can bleed and cause pain. Make sure that you see a dentist at the earliest, and in many cases, they may recommend you see a periodontist. 
  4. You have extreme sensitivity. If you feel pain or a sense of discomfort when you eat hot and cold foods and beverages, call your dentist right away. While mild sensitivity is usually not a huge concern, it could be related to tooth decay. If detected in time, your dentist may use fillings or consider root canal treatment if the decay has impacted the pulp. 
  5. You have mouth sores. Canker sores are particularly uncomfortable and need to be checked. If you have frequent sores or a specific area refuses to heal, it could be related to a much bigger problem, which must be treated by an expert. Dentists can do a routine exam and may order a few tests to understand the possible causes. 

Finally, check with a dentist if you have severe or frequent toothaches. Most dental concerns can be treated and resolved with early intervention, and as long as you adhere to your dentist’s recommendations, you may not have to deal with the same issue again. Call a dentist today to book an appointment. 


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