How to Distinguish the Best Dentist from the Rest?

All the practicing dentists that you see in the medical industry have passed from a reputed institution. Some may pass with the same credentials too. But are all the dentists out there the same? Or are there some who are better than others? 

A few qualities in a dentist make them different from the normal crowd. A dentist in Germantown, TN, has stated such qualities that make the best dentist. 

Detailed Attention 

As a dentist, one must pay attention to details. The dentist works in a small enclosed section of the body- the mouth. They need to be very attentive while they are working, or they might miss some major problems that might occur if not taken care of at the right time. 

The Zeal to Know More 

Medical science is a dynamic field. There are new technologies that are emerging with time. If a dentist will not learn the use them, they will become backdated. So they should have the thirst to study more and know more. 

Furthermore, to renew their license, there are exams that they have to pass. Thus, being a dentist means to keep studying and expanding knowledge. 

Well Spoken 

A good dentist not only treats their patient but also binds with them. Often patient visiting the dentist has dental anxiety, so it is very important that a dentist can bond with their patients. Having a short bonding session with the patient will make the patient comfortable. 

Manual Dexterity 

As a dentist needs to perform in a small area, they need to be skillful with their hand movements. Manual dexterity is something that can be gained with experience. So ensure that you opt for someone who has experience in the field of dentistry. 

Interpersonal Skills 

It is the same as communicative skills but more personal. When a patient is trusting the dentist to perform surgeries on the mouth, they need to feel connected to the dentist. The time the patients spend with the dentist must be gratifying. Making the patient feel connected with the dentist also helps in a faster recovery. 


Ending the blog by summarizing the entire geist, a good and competent dentist must be attentive to details, curious, well-spoken, and have manual dexterity and interpersonal skills. Once you find someone with these skills, you can be assured that they are good at what they do. 


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