Most Common Cosmetic Dental Treatments and Their Benefits 

Cosmetic dentistry is a type of professional oral treatment that focuses on making your teeth look better. Yet, while cosmetic dentistry operations are typically considered elective rather than necessary, some treatment procedures give restorative benefits. Talk to a dental expert today to learn more about cosmetic dental treatments in Burlingame

  • Inlays and Onlays 

This cosmetic dentistry treatment is often called indirect fillings, created in a dental lab. The inlay is positioned onto the tooth surface if there is no damage to the cusps of the tooth. When the cusp or a larger tooth section is damaged, your dentist may use an onlay to cover the whole tooth surface. 

Formerly fashioned of gold, inlays and onlays are now typically manufactured in a dental lab from a ceramic or porcelain composite material and glued to the teeth with dental cement, which is adhesive. They support teeth, restoring their shape and preventing further deterioration or decay.

  • Composite bonding 

Composite bonding is the repair of damaged, discolored, or decayed teeth with a substance resembling dental enamel color. Your dentist drills out the decayed tooth, then apply the composite to its surface, “sculpting” it into the desired shape before curing it with a high-intensity laser. This treatment, also known as “bonding,” efficiently covers the tooth’s damage and creates the look of a healthy tooth in its place. Bonding is one of the most affordable cosmetic dentistry operations for individuals with tooth decay, chipped or fractured teeth, or worn-down edges. 

  • Dental veneers 

Dental veneers are custom-made crowns that fit over your natural teeth and are often composed of medical-grade ceramic. They appear highly realistic and can correct various cosmetic issues, including damaged or cracked enamel, crooked teeth, and apparent gaps between two teeth. The dentist applies the veneer to the front of each tooth using dental glue. 

  • Teeth whitening 

Teeth whitening is one of the most famous cosmetic dental procedures. It is usually done in a single visit to your dentist’s office. The dental hygienist or specialist will begin by removing tartar, plaque, and other debris from the surface of each tooth in order to restore its natural appearance. The teeth can then be bleached to achieve a lighter tint than their natural color. 

  • Dental implants 

Dental implants are used to replace teeth that have been lost or damaged. A small titanium screw is inserted into the jaw at the missing tooth’s site to support a crown. These implants are nearly undetectable from the other natural teeth. The implant is permanently linked once the bone and supporting tissue fuse to it. Patients must practice good oral hygiene during and after the implant installation. 


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